Broward Barbell Center


Broward’s Iron Sport Gym

Open 24 Hours

We know strength athletes, therefore we know everyone is different. Broward Barbell Center does NOT IMPOSE classes or cookie cutter programs which only produce sub-par results. Each member is allowed and encouraged to train optimally, which means individualized training in a environment with enough toys to go around.

Our Mission

Our mission is to have a positive impact on our member's, client's, and trainer's lives by creating a memorable lifting and training experience.

We will deliver the best possible solutions to our customers' needs through effective and optimal programming thereby being recognized as a unique resource for our community.



At Broward Barbell Center, we offer an array of disciplines for athletes of all levels.

- Powerlifting
- Olympic Lifting
- Strongman
- Physical Therapy
- Programming
- Strength and Conditioning Training
- Mobility Coaching
- Coaching


Yes there is enough equipment. No you don’t have to wait for a squat rack.

We believe in the necessities. Squat Racks, Benches, Deadlift/Olympic Platforms,  Dumbbells, KG calibrated plates/bumpers, and barbells.

We also have various machines and Strongman training tools such as Tires, Logs, Circus Dumbell, Stones, Sleds, Farmers handles, Yoke, Prowler, Kettle Bells, Weighted Rope, Weight Vest, Medicine Balls, Axle Bars, Kegs and more .

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